USA Membership PayPal Renewal Option

Membership renewal across borders can often be difficult, timely, and costly. While RBANA members in Canada are now able to take advantage of the ease provided by e-transfers between Canadian financial institutions within Canada, no similarly quick and cost-effective financial transfer option is available in the United States right now.

As a way to offer US members an online payment option, RBANA was invited to team with club member, The South Jersey Celtic Society (SJCS), who created a PayPal button on their website where RBANA US club and individual members could make their payment in US $Dollars and have their payment recorded and logged by RBANA, SJCS, and the paying member. SJCS will then transfer all collected renewal fees twice each year.

It is still important for US members to keep RBANA up to speed on their current address and contact information, so the membership information updated documents can be downloaded from the Membership Documentation page, filled out and then e-mailed to

This PayPal payment option can be accessed on the following web-pages:
South Jersey Celtic Society
South Jersey Celtic Society RBANA PayPal Page

This is a work-in-progress, so any feedback will be received gratefully.  Please e-mail me at:


Mathew Hill

Secretary/Treasurer – RBANA