New Book by Patrick Scott on the Kilmarnock Edition

Many of us at RBANA remember Patrick Scott as a Burns scholar and a gentleman, and one of the University of South Carolina Scottish Literature department  which so graciously hosted our highly successful Conference and AGM in 2014.

Patrick is the co-author of a new book on the Kilmarnock edition. Here is his description of the book and contact details.

The Kilmarnock Burns: A Census, by Allan Young and me, is now officially out–it isn’t a must read for everyone, but at 238 pp. it’s more than just a list.   More details here:

Allan is a retired Scot living in Florida who started doing this 15 years ago, and two years ago we joined forces to get it into a publishable book. We found 84 copies, and have details and descriptions suggesting a further 15-20 are out there to be rediscovered.  It’s three times rarer than the Shakespeare First Folio.  Probably just as interesting for most Burnsians is the long section C (86 pages) with accounts of earlier sales and people discovering neglected copies etc.
The link to the Amazon page should give you all the information you need, but should you wish to contact me directly here my email address is:

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